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Selective Anti-Aliasing is a common technique in pixel art. The idea is to color some parts of the outline to a different color so it blends better with the background color.


The left semicircle is colored with directional lighting. The right one uses selective anti-aliasing to work with all background color.

However, consistently applying anti-aliasing is very time consuming and this procedure can be easily automated.

I wrote this simple algorithm:

  1. Given a pixel perfect line
  2. Calculate the length and direction of each 1-px-wide chunk
  3. For each chunk, color some fraction of the length to some other color

Note: The direction is used to keep track of the coloring orientation: i.e. all vertical chunks have $orig_color top half, $alt_color bottom half.

/// selectively anti-alias a pixel perfect line
/// each segment of length l contains floor(l*k) number of $alt_color pixels
pub fn selective_antialias(path: &mut Pixels, k: f64, alt_color: Color) {
    let mut chunks = vec![];
    let mut start_idx = 0;
    for (i, (pi,pj)) in path.iter().zip(path.iter().skip(1)).enumerate() {
        // if consecutive pixels not connected
        if (pi.point.x != pj.point.x) && (pi.point.y != pj.point.y) {
            let start_pix = path.0.get_index(start_idx).unwrap();
            let dir = start_pix.dir(&pi);
            chunks.push((i - start_idx, dir));
            start_idx = i + 1;
    let start_pix = path.0.get_index(start_idx).unwrap();
    let dir = start_pix.dir(path.iter().last().unwrap());
    chunks.push(((path.len() - start_idx - 1), dir));
    assert_eq!(chunks.iter().map(|i|i.0 + 1).sum::<usize>(), path.len());
    let mut idx = 0;
    for (l, dir) in chunks {
        for j in 0..=l {
            // xor with dir to keep orientation of coloring
            // example:
            //           o    o
            //           o    o
            //           x    x
            //           x    x
            //            ooxx
            if (j <= (l as f64 * k) as usize) ^ dir {
                let p = path.0.get_index(idx).unwrap().with_color(alt_color);
            } else {
                // noop
            idx += 1;

This algorithm can be modified to support multi-colored lines.

src: @crrackerjack

Image source

These images are from @crrackerjack who uses lots of anti-aliasing.

Image source 0

Image source 1